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Article: 5 Tips for More Conscious Shopping during Black Friday

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5 Tips for More Conscious Shopping during Black Friday

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Black Friday is around the corner and we know that many people are impatiently waiting for this day to make purchases with the highest discounts of the year and even to take the opportunity to buy gifts at a good price. We would be dishonest if we were to say that we never consume on Black Friday, but we are choosing to do so with greater ethical awareness and we want to share it with you.

It is easy to get carried away by Black Friday fever because we all love offers and discounts. But this could also make us purchase impulsively, spend a lot of money and then regret it later.

However, you can avoid this by following some very simple rules (and by trying not to break them). Here you have 5 tips that will allow you to purchase in a more intelligent way while keeping everything under control this Black Friday 2022:

1. Define a real Budget

If you plan ahead of time for the total amount of money you can spend during this Black Friday, it will all run smoothly. Your budget for Black Friday should be like “that red line you mustn’t cross”. When we’re talking about money, every euro makes a difference.

2. Make your Wishlist before the day

Planning your must-haves for Black Friday does not mean wasting your time. Think of your favourite brands and products and add them to your wishlist. Drawing up this list will make you think twice about what you want to buy, allowing you to keep hold of those spontaneous impulses to buy things you might regret later.

3. On the hunt for Gifts

Because we can find offers on almost every kind of product on Black Friday, it is a smart idea to think of upcoming gifts. Perhaps your brother’s birthday is around the corner? Or your own and you want to buy something for yourself? Or maybe this is a good time to get some Christmas shopping in? Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to buy those gifts ahead of time and save a bit of money.

4. Invest in Quality pieces

This is your chance to buy products you’ll treasure, if not forever, then for a long time. To approach Black Friday with a more conscious focus means tracking down quality products, putting quality before quantity and gifting yourself something special. Buy less, buy better.

5. Support Responsible companies

Our impact as consumers is the result of supporting certain companies. Do a bit of research and buy brands that support issues that matter to you, or brands that try to be socially and environmentally responsible. Buying products with a purpose raises the significance of your purchase. A good example are brands such as Samurai Jeans and their Organic Cotton Project through which the brand has committed to growing their own cotton in Japan in a way that is respectful of the Earth and of people (pesticide-free) while at the same time providing jobs for the disabled.

These are our tips so far for buying in a more responsible way on this Black Friday 2022. We hope they help you! And if you think of any other tips, please do not hesitate to share them in the comments below👇


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Great message.Great company. Great products. Great service. When they have what I need. I buy it.

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