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Tender Wire Buckle Belt Natural Tan Oak Bark Leather



Tender Wire Buckle Belt Natural Tan Oak Bark Leather


Tender belts are cut from oak bark, made in England at a tannery where leather has been produced, by largely unchanged methods, since Roman times.

The traditional bark tannage takes up to 18 months, during which time the hides are moved between successively stronger tan pits. The tannins in the woods slowly cure the skins and produce a rich, dense leather which mellows and improves in character with age and use.

This Tender belt natural Oal Bark leather has an amazing original solid brass Wire buckle lost wax cast in England

Lost-wax brass casting brass requires several stages: once the design is finished and clay or wire models have been tested and adjusted, it is constructed by the master jeweller, in iron, copper, or jewellers’ brass. This must be perfectly accurate, as the finished brass casting will follow this model exactly. Before a mould can be made from the original however, risers have to be added to allow the molten wax to escape- these look like sticks of wax that jut out from all over the original metal piece.

This brass and wax master is covered in a rubber solution, which sets to form a soft mould, which is cut open to remove the master. A series of wax castings are now made in the rubber mould, one for every single button or buckle part.

These waxes are set in plaster, which is hard enough to have molten brass poured into it. The intense heat of the brass melts away the wax, which is ‘lost’. When it has hardened, the final casting has rough edges and large sticks of brass coming out at the risers. This is called sprue, and must be cut off and filed before the finished product can be tumbled in sand to rub off any sharp edges.


Size 2 (S): for waist sizes between 30 and 31 "

Size 3 (M): for waist sizes between 32 and 33 "

Size 4 (L): for waist sizes between 34 and 35 "

Size 5 (XL): for waist sizes between 36 and 37"


  • Full thickness unstained dubbinned bridle leather, oak bark tanned in England
  • Original solid brass Wire buckle lost wax cast in England
  • Hand sewn with waxed knitted thread
  • Made in England
  • We recommend to use a Horse Hair Brush to brush off any type of dirt and apply a light coat of Smith´s leather balm to rehydrate when needed.
  • Visit our blog post: "How Tender Co belts are made"

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