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Trophy Clothing Alpine Down Coat

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Made to withstand the most extreme of conditions, this specialist high-performance 800 fill power down coat is ultra-warm, ultra-lightweight, and exceptionally durable. The Trophy Alpine Down Coat represents the pinnacle of knowledge and experience in down. It is inspired by the climbers of the Karakoram Mountains in the 1950s.



It is filled with Kawada Feather's premium down 800 fill power. Fill Power is the universal rating system for the goose and duck down. Fill Power is rated in the form of a number from 550 (medium fill power) to 800 (very high fill power). This number represents the volume in cubic centimetres of a single gram of down, when fully lofted - i.e. when fully 'fluffed up'. Higher quality down (e.g. 800 fill) traps more insulating air pockets between it's fine filaments than down of a lower quality (e.g. 550 fill), and that's why it expands to take up more space per gram. The more insulating air pockets down traps, the warmer it will keep you! So in simple terms, the higher the fill power of a down jacket or sleeping bag, the warmer it will be for its weight. Just because one garment contains a higher fill power than another doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be warmer - the quantity of down also affects.

In this case, Trophy has used the highest fill power for an alpine coat and best down in the world: Kawada Feather from Japan. 



The down that Trophy uses in this coat is cleaned and processed by the down manufacturing company Kawada Feather founded in 1981. Unprocessed down from waterfowl can be covered with dust and dirt that is invisible to the naked eye. When this dust and dirt comes off, it can lead to a decrease in the down's insulation ability, as well as the appearance of bacteria and mites. Kawada Feather's main factory is equipped with purification and processing equipment of the company's own design. The factory is located on the Ise Plain in Mie Prefecture, Japan because its special water and the climate, which can't be obtained in any other places in Japan.

The pristine water provided by the beautiful, mountainous environment is a key factor in the process of cleaning the down at this factory. The dry air causes the down to expand, which further improves the factory's ability to remove the dirt. The water is clean and extremely soft, which makes it perfect for washing away dirt. Kawada Feather produces beautiful down with the careful use of the benefits of the environment, advanced technology, and human skill and effort.



The term "down" refers to the feathers that grow on the breasts of waterfowl. Down is light and offers excellent insulation, along with the ability to pass moisture into the atmosphere. Balls of down are known as "down clusters." Down is a precious material. It can be collected only in small quantities from a single bird and is not found in land fowl. It is only found in waterfowl, which live in waterside areas and need protection against the loss of body temperature. The down that is used as a material for manufactured products comes primarily from two kinds of waterfowl: geese and ducks. Goose down is large. Its fine, soft fibres provide excellent insulation and water absorbency. In contrast, duck down is firm and flexible, which gives it high resiliency, making it ideal for use in products that need some springiness.



The Alpine Coat features a 60/40 blend Shell. 60/40 fabric is a combination of 60% cotton and 40% nylon. The cotton and nylon fibres are woven perpendicular to each other into a dense material that increases in density when wet, helping to repel water and wind further. In dry conditions, the fabric is exceptionally breathable, perfect for vigorous outdoor activities. Extremely durable, alpine coats made out of 60/40 fabric have been known to last a lifetime of outdoor punishment.

The distinctive front buttons prevent the zipper from freezing.

Another detail that makes this down coat stand out above all others is the Talon zipper. It is the most robust zipper available today and one of the best manufactured in history.


"Washing down has a harmful effect on its quality." This is a common misconception. The truth is that washing down correctly will cleanse it of moisture and oil, and bring back its fluffiness. There is no need to wash down frequently. However, we would like to share with you the correct method for washing down, so that you can get the most out of using it.

  • Place the alpine down coat in a mesh laundry bag
  • Choose the same setting on your washing machine that you would use for a blanket.
  • Do not use the spin cycle. Instead, wring the down out by hand and dry it in a shaded area out of direct sunlight. Then, pat it down with both hands, and even out any wrinkles.


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  • Shell: 60/40 cotton/nylon blend.
  • Filling: Kawada Down 93% Feather 7%
  • Kawada Down certificated (best down in the world)
  • 800 Fill Power (Highest rating in an Alpine coat)
  • Ultra-warm
  • Ultra-light
  • Wind resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Inspired by the 1950´s expedition coats
  • Durable Talon zipper
  • Front buttons prevent the zipper from freezing
  • Storm collar
  • Two waist pockets
  • Advanced sewing technology
  • Made in Japan


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