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Trophy Clothing N1 TR.mfg Jacket

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This is the Trophy Clothing Khaki reinterpretation of the N-1 deck jacket; a recognised classic, timeless garment.

Introduced in 1943, the N1 soon became the cold-weather coat of choice for the U.S. Navy. Today it has become a classic among repurposed army clothing. The jacket was developed by the U.S. Navy to meet the exacting requirements of sailors fighting at sea in all kinds of harsh conditions. In active service until the 60s, the N1 is the longest-serving jacket in the history of U.S. Navy.

This jacket was designed for harsh weather conditions. It was used from Dutch Harbor to the beaches of Normandy and the frigid Atlantic Ocean. Protecting sailors from biting wind and freezing temperatures, it saved many a sailor from the harsh natural environment.

Built on the experience and lessons learned of the early war years with the classic peacoats, the N-1 jacket was made from a hard-wearing corded cotton ‘jungle cloth’ outer-shell and a warm alpaca lining.

These days, certain mainly Japan-based brands are reproducing the N-1. The Trophy Clothing version is one of our favourites thanks to its details and extra warmth. It is made from a high-quality, waxed corded cotton windproof and waterproof shell, with high-performance Thinsulate® in the middle and of course a Peruvian high-quality alpaca inner. As an intermediate fabric, Trophy Clothing has opted for a Thinsulate® Hi-Loft layer. Thinsulate® insulation is warm yet lightweight, powerful yet thin. It helps trap body heat while allowing moisture to escape. Even wet, it is still quite warm. The breathable, ultra-fine microfibers trap warm air more efficiently than larger, generic synthetic fibres. Alpaca is a lightweight, soft, durable, luxurious and silky natural fibre. While similar to sheep’s wool, it is warmer and not prickly.

The jacket has a lot of superior-quality details such as leather pocket reinforcements, high-quality Japanese buttons, a drawstring skirt, storm cuffs and a hidden chinstrap collar, plus the vintage World War II-style Talon brass high-quality zipper.

Trophy Clothing is a small Japanese label founded by Masaki Egawa, an enthusiast of vintage clothing and motorbikes. With durability as the prime objective and under the slogan of “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, the garments produced by Trophy Clothing are made from resilient materials and each one of their elements, from the fabrics to the last of the buttons, are made in Japan according to Japanese artisan textile tradition.

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  • Shell: Corded cotton 100% / Intermediate: high-performance Thinsulate® / Inner: Acrylic 50% Wool 30% Alpaca 20%
  • Windproof and waterproof shell, designed for harsh weather conditions
  • Extra-warm
  • Thinsulate® layer
  • 1943-inspired US Navy N-1 deck jacket
  • Leather pocket reinforcements
  • High-quality buttons
  • Drawstring skirt
  • Storm cuffs
  • World War II-style vintage hidden chinstrap collar
  • Talon brass high-quality zipper
  • Made in Japan


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