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3rd Anniversary - Our Story

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In a few days it will be the 1st of September and the start of a very important month for us, especially this year as you will find out below.

On 21st September 2018, after months of hard work, we fired the starting signal and launched on the world our online store, Redcast Heritage.

We have encountered many obstacles and tough times during these almost 3 years, and it’s about this that we want to talk in this post, so that you can learn a bit more about us and the story of those of us who make up Redcast.

Redcast packaging

As many of you already know, behind Redcast are Isabel and Eduardo, a couple living in Madrid. Both of us are now 36 years old, but we had been tired of our respective jobs for some time and kept wondering what to do with our lives. So 3 years ago we decided to take a step forward and embark on a project that we could be passionate about, that we truly believed in and, above all, would make us happy. So capitalizing on the fact that Eduardo has always been passionate about quality casualwear and especially denim, we decided to launch this project to help keep alive the flame of tradition, craft and excellence in menswear.

For more than 10 years I had been working as a lawyer in a large company, and Eduardo more than 15 in television. When we started with Redcast, neither of us had any experience in the textile industry or in e-commerce and of course had no idea how this project might evolve, so we chose to be cautious and hold on to our regular jobs to protect our financial stability. While this has benefited us, it has also involved a triple effort when it came to forging ahead with our little big project.

Devoting more than 9 hours per day, Mondays to Fridays (including some weekends) to our office jobs during almost 3 years has meant that we had to give up a lot to make time for Redcast: hours of sleep, holidays, outings with friends, time with our families… sometimes, like all entrepreneurs, we would ask ourselves whether this major effort was truly worth it, but it was only time that could answer this; meanwhile, we had no choice but to continue working on what we really liked, do our very best at Redcast and be patient.

Redcasr orders

It makes us laugh, as well as proud, whenever many of you during this time would address us as the “Redcast Team”, thinking that there were several of us in charge of Redcast. The reality was that we were indeed a Team, but one consisting only of us two.

Redcast shooting

Well, in 2021 we finally managed to see the light. Our business and our customers were growing, and both were needing more and more of our time. We could no longer carry on with our “double life” as we called it, so in February of this year we took the decision that one of us would have to quit our regular, stable job to devote 100% of their time to Redcast. And I, Isabel, was the one chosen to do it. I will never forget my happiness at taking this decision and starting to devote all my time and energy to our enterprise, to our project.

As I said, we have been very careful in every decision we have taken. This is why Eduardo kept his television job for a few more months. With changes in shifts, working many nights and performing balancing acts to enable him to devote every possible hour to Redcast. But he who dares wins, which is why from September onwards Eduardo will also quit that “other life” to finally devote himself body and soul to Redcast Heritage Co.

3 years after our launch, we can now say that we have fulfilled our dream. From this September onwards we will both be able to devote ourselves to Redcast full time!

Some people call this luck; we call it hard work, effort, dedication and, above all, passion.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you have given us during this time. Customers in more than 40 countries, subscribers, social media followers… each one of you has motivated us and given us the strength to carry on and arrive at this point. And of course we cannot forget brands such as Tanuki, UES and Studio D’Artisan, among others, that placed their trust in our project right from the start. Without their initial support none of this would have been possible. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make our dream come true.

Redcast and TCB
Redcast and The Strike Gold

From now on a new stage begins, one in which we will be able to give much more of ourselves to continue growing, bring more fantastic brands to our store and give you a better service.

And of course we don’t want to miss this opportunity to make this 3rd Anniversary special not just for us but also for you. Please stay tuned because in the next few days we will announce some surprises that will pop up during September. For now we can advance that we are working on a very special collaboration due to be launched in just a few days. With which brand? All bets are on!

We hope that you liked learning a bit more about our story and remember, if you come to Madrid, don’t hesitate to let us know and to visit our new showroom. It will be a pleasure to meet you, have a chat, share a coffee or a beer and thank you again in person :)

Isabel & Eduardo



Hola, después de años de espera para volver a comprar mis jeans preferidos (ONI 506ZR) finalmente me los encuentro a ustedes. Espero que su empresa siga progresando y que mis jeans preferidos se sigan fabricando por supuesto.
Mil gracias.

Carlos Jimenez

Enhorabuena y felicidades por esos 3 años de pasión que le ponéis ambos a vuestros sueños, que en mi caso gracias a vosotros, me habéis inculcado un nuevo estilo de prendas, materiales etc
Gracias por vuestros consejos y sobre todo por el tallaje de esas prendas,

Keagan Cummings

What a great story – congratulations! I’m looking forward to being a long-time customer of yours!

Manu Rodríguez Cameselle

Congrats!!!!la pasión que le ponéis es la clave de todo y se nota en cada pequeño detalle de lo que hacéis y por cómo lo hacéis. 💙


Por muchos, muchos años más. Enhorabuena!!!!


All the Best! Wszystkiego Najlepszego!



Hope you continue to be successful and fullfill your dreams.

From Germany


Hi Eduardo and Isabel,
It is very great to know your story guys, you definitely deserve the present success since you pay so much efforts and makes your selling all perfect. Veremos en Madrid una dia ;)


Enhorabuena y daros las gracias tanto por el tiempo ( más sabiendo ahora vuestra situación) y dedicación, he aprendido mucho hablando con vosotros y poco a poco se me ha ido introduciendo el gusanillo del denim japonés .
En cuanto pueda ir a Madrid seguro que me paso para conoceros.

Un saludo


Great to put a face on your names!

Feliz cumple Redcast and thanks for the outstanding customer service and smooth communication and smooth everything.


Wow, big news! Congratulations on transitioning to 100% Redcast Heritage Co. You inspire to follow dreams and I’m very happy for you both and look forward to engaging with Redcast in the future! Felicidades y que Viva Redcast Heritage Co.!

Jose Luis

Es gracioso que empezamos la afición a la misma vez y casi con la misma edad, la verdad que hacéis un trabajo muy bueno y se notan esos detalles que denotan la pasión que tenéis, sobre todo a la hora de medir la ropa, en esto los japoneses están muuuuy por detrás. Os deseo lo mejor y espero pasar pronto por Madrid para ver vuestro showroom.

John Talbott

I live my life vicariously through the two of you. I am so happy that you both can now concentrate full time on this wonderful dream. It is great to see nice people succeed. Let me know how I can continue to support you both as a customer but also as a potential investor. I love Japanese denim and remember traveling to Kobe and Tokyo in the 80’s and 90’s and seeing brands like 45RPM and many others. I teach at Indiana University and am back in the class room. My attire is always nice fine cotton dress shirt, jacket, and one of my RC pairs of Japanese denim with kicks. The students love it.
All the best


bravo à vous pour votre courage et votre persévérance !

Anthony Frazier

That’s a great story- doing what you love! We need to hear and be a part of stories like that now more than ever(while also wearing quality clothes!).
Good luck and keep doing what you guys do!

Jaran Ellermeyer

Congratulations on 3 years and good luck for the future!

Arpad Földessy

You are truly inspiring people, and I wish the very best for you as a couple and as business partners!
Ohh… and Happy Birthday!
//Arpad from Stockholm

Mike McCanless

Congrats on your anniversary and thanks for your amazing customer service! I love supporting such passionate hard working people and great boutique with the high quality brands that you curate. Mike -Laguna Beach, CA

Pra Chandrasoma

AMAZING. Wishing you well from Los Angeles!

Laurent Beuvain

Joyeux anniversaire de Paris!!!
Bravo à vous deux et ravi d’en savoir plus sur votre histoire.
Les vêtements que vous proposez sont rares et réalisés par des artisans perfectionnistes. La qualité de vos services est irréprochable.
Merci et bonne continuation !


Enhorabuena y gracias tanto por el tiempo (más aún conociendo tu situación) y dedicación, he aprendido mucho hablando con vosotros y se me ha ido introduciendo más el gusanillo sobre el denim.

Por cierto, no me extraña que abandones la abogacía porque, aunque es una profesión muy bonita en este país, está muy mal pagada.

En cuanto pueda viajar a Madrid, me deparré allí para conocerlos.

un saludo.


You truly can be proud of yourself! To me you are already one of the top Shops in Europe when it comes to japanese denim and casual wear.

Keep up your good work.



Thank you for sharing your story!
You sell great clothes and your customer service is second to none.

Michel Landelle

👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Keep going and congrats for this 3rd anniversary

Arnel Clemente

Inspiring story.
May your success continue.


congratulations! heardwarming story! i’m full of admiration. its kind of a cool feeling to be “part of the game” in a ridiculously small way…
thanks for the opportunity to channel the personal consumation/shopping/…want to have addictions into a sympathetic project in order to calm down and change the bad conscience into the knowledge of wearing unique clothing that is not a passive wearing, but an activ, almost invigorating process to watch (and contribute) the clothes changing their appearance in the process of dayly/weekly/monthly fading… getting patina…
and so on and on…
glad having met you :-)

Rodrigo Martinez

Your story is inspiring.
I hesitate to start my own brand, but your passion shows that it dose pay to believe in one shelf.
I wish much more success for your dream.


What an inspiring story! Now…. what shall I order…


Рад с Вами познакомиться Виртуально поближе! Заказывал у Вас брюки Tanuki две пары, одну дочь покупала, а одну я. С доставкой в Россию не получилось, а в Финляндию быстро дошло! Слежу с удовольствием за магазином! Приятно быть с Вами!)
P.S. From Russia with love! Igor Yakovlev✌🤝


I very much admire your work … great brands & suburb customer service
Thank you


Hai team

Happy 3rd anniversary.. hopefully keep moving forward 👍


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