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Ichiko Ichie incense

Ichikō Ichie

Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese craftsmanship and culture, Ichikō Ichie incense is meticulously crafted using natural ingredients such as fragrant woods, resins, and botanical extracts. Their dedication ensures a diverse olfactory experience, utilizing 80-year-old firwood boards and vintage machinery. Each stick of incense embodies serene tranquility with subtle complexities, crafted to seamlessly integrate into daily life. Ichikō Ichie's commitment to freshness extends to their transparent packaging, preserving the vibrancy of each fragrance. With meticulous attention to detail, they deliver incense sticks that burn beautifully, maintaining optimal scent diffusion and quality throughout the burning process.

Ichikō Ichie Incense CedarwoodIchikō Ichie Incense Cedarwood
Ichikō Ichie Incense Cedarwood Sale price €35,00
Ichikō Ichie Incense SandalwoodIchikō Ichie Incense Sandalwood
Ichikō Ichie Incense Ylang YlangIchikō Ichie Incense Ylang Ylang
Ichikō Ichie Incense GingerIchikō Ichie Incense Ginger
Ichikō Ichie Incense Ginger Sale price €35,00
Ichikō Ichie Incense MagnoliaIchikō Ichie Incense Magnolia
Ichikō Ichie Incense Magnolia Sale price €18,00
Ichikō Ichie Incense Water LilyIchikō Ichie Incense Water Lily
Ichikō Ichie Incense PearIchikō Ichie Incense Pear
Ichikō Ichie Incense Pear Sale price €18,00