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How We Measure Our Clothes

To make sure that you choose the right size, we recommend that you take a tape measure to size a favourite garment from your wardrobe and compare its measurements to the sizing chart of the garment you are about to acquire.

To do this, stretch out your garment on a flat surface and take the measurements we list below. Keep in mind that the fit of the new garment may not be the same as that of the garment you already own, and so if you are interested in a pair of slim trousers, for example, and don’t have a slim model to compare it to, the baseline measurement in this case will always be the waist.We carefully measure each garment, so our size charts are very precise.

However, you should keep in mind that due to the artisan cutting and making of the products we sell, there may be small differences between units of the same product and size.If you are buying a pair of jeans or a denim jacket made from unsanforized fabric, it will be made from virgin cloth and will shrink. Each unsanforized product carries a descriptive label giving the approximate shrinkage.

Please contact us if you need help. We’re pretty fast at answering and can help you choose the right size.