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John Lofgren badalassi Carlo boots

John Lofgren

Originally from California, John Lofgren's love for vintage clothing led him to Japan, where he established "Honky Tonk Company" (H.T.C.) in 2000. Recognizing the superior quality of Japanese vintage-inspired new productions and aspiring to elevate classic designs, Lofgren founded his eponymous brand, John Lofgren Bootmaker. The brand epitomizes a dedication to authenticity and craftsmanship, offering visually inspired designs with contemporary fits and the finest materials sourced ethically from Japan, the USA, England, France, Germany, and Italy. In an industry often driven by profit, John Lofgren Bootmaker distinguishes itself by prioritizing people and meticulous shoemaking, executed by artisans with Shokuninkishitsu (職人気質), individuals dedicated to mastering their specific craft.