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Founded in 1873 by Unpei Kurata, Moonstar (originally "Tsuchiya Tabi") is a Japanese brand that embodies unwavering craftsmanship. Influenced by American culture, it set out to create top-tier footwear in a country with limited shoe tradition. Moonstar prioritizes premium materials to maintain shoe integrity, and their skilled artisans meticulously hand-attach uppers to outsoles, a process impossible by machine.

The factory, located in Kurume, Japan, possess the capability to produce Vulcanized soles. These shoes undergo kiln-firing at 120°C (248°F) for 70 minutes, a technique reminiscent of Japanese pottery firing. This process triggers a chemical reaction in the rubber, restoring its original form and resulting in durable and flexible footwear with an elegant silhouette. With a heritage spanning almost 150 years, Moonstar's factory preserves the 'vulcanization method' while sharing its exceptional quality worldwide.

Moonstar Hi Basket Vulcanized  Rubber Charcoal Sneakers high top profileMoonstar Hi Basket Vulcanized  Rubber Charcoal Sneakers comfort craftsmanship
Moonstar Hi Basket Charcoal Sale price €183,00
moonstar hi basket fine vulcanized brown sneakersmoonstar hi basket fine vulcanized brown sneakers made in kurume
Moonstar Hi Basket Brown Sale price €183,00
Moonstar gym classic deep navy vulcanized sneakers cratftsmanshipMoonstar gym classic deep navy vulcanized sneakers japan made
Moonstar Gym Classic Dark Navy Sale price €179,00
Moonstar Gym Classic White Sneakers japan madeMoonstar Gym Classic White Sneakers craftsmanship
Moonstar Gym Classic White Sale price €179,00