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Established in 1949 by Mitsugu Tanabe out of a passion for baseball, Jackman's origins lie in the Tanabe Meriyasu factory in Fukui, Japan. Inspired by post-war American baseball team stockings, Tanabe's commitment led to inventing machines for exceptional baseball stirrup stockings. Tanabe Meriyasu swiftly gained a reputation for quality, notably supplying training wear for the 1964 Japanese Olympic team.

Today, Jackman embodies Tanabe's vision, crafting each piece in the same factory. While offerings have expanded, Tanabe's dedication to quality endures. Vintage machines are consistently employed, maintaining a deliberate pace for enduring quality.

Jackman Dotsume Pocket loopwheel TShirt hard butter frontJackman Dotsume Pocket loopwheel TShirt hard butter model front fit
Jackman Dotsume Pocket loopwheel TShirt Off White relaxed fitJackman Dotsume Pocket T-Shirt Off White
Jackman Lead-Off T-Shirt ConcreteJackman Lead-Off T-Shirt Concrete
Jackman Lead-Off T-Shirt KinariJackman Lead-Off T-Shirt Kinari