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Redcast Heritage 2.0

NEW WEBSITE – Redcast 2.0

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We are closing 2023 with some really good news.

A year has passed since we started on the project of renewing the Redcast website. We have already been operating for 5 years and saw the need to give our site a fresher and more updated touch, and to add new functionalities you have been requesting for a while (filters in the jeans category –by colour, denim weight, ...; an improved lookbook from which to add products to the trolley, etc.).

Although we already launched the new website in August, there were still details to be resolved, but we can finally say that the Redcast website 2.0 is ready!

We haven’t changed our brand image, so there are apparently no drastic alterations to be seen, but the design and each detail has been carried out very carefully, always with functionality in mind and seeking to create harmony between our physical and online spaces. 

Redcast Heritage new image

We are writing this post not just to announce the contents and to tell you how proud we are of our new site, but also to show you the new available functionalities so that you can make the most of them. We want to assure you that it works as well as we designed it, so if you have any comments, do not hesitate to contact us. Your feedback is very valuable and will be very helpful to us 🙂

Here are some of the most important changes and enhancements we have made. We hope you like it!

    1. Countdown in the header: to ensure that you are kept in the know of when we will be announcing some of our most important launches, restocks and promotions.
    2. Filters by collection: so that you can search by your preferences (brand, colour, denim type, denim weight, etc.).
    3. Quick add to cart: you will be able to view the sizes available for a product and its size chart, you can add it to your wishlist, and even sign up to the waitlist if your size is out of stock, without having to actually open the product card.
    4. Product page –size chart, waitlist and reviews: we have included a brief description at the start for when you don’t have time to read the more detailed description included in each product. What’s more, we have improved the load time of the drop-down size chart, and the information it contains is more comprehensive. In addition, should your size be out of stock, you can sign up to the waitlist by entering your email and we’ll alert you as soon as it’s back! And don’t forget that inside each product you can see reviews published by other clients as well as other colours in which that same product is available, accessing them with a single click on the colour you want to view. 
      Redcast Heritage new functionalities
    5. Blog: you love our blog, so we wanted to enhance it even further. We have given it a more attractive look. Also, in each post we give you suggestions of other posts that may interest you, and we included the search bar so you have it more to hand.
    6. Lookbook: we have improved our lookbook and are working on gradually creating new looks that may inspire you in your day-to-day lives. Additionally, you can now add complete looks to your trolley and your wishlist as well as individually any of the products that make it up.
Redcast Heritage website new functionalities

What did you think of the website? We’ll read you in comments :)


We are very happy to present the Redcast 2.0 website. Take a look and tell us what you think!


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