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We want to share with you some entertainment videos for these days related to denim, dyeing and other high-quality Japanese textile production techniques.

We think these kinds of videos might interest you, and that they can awake your interest in knowing a little bit more about what behind every garment is.



The first video is an excellent example of Japanese craftsmanship and dedication, shown through their love and fascination of denim.

Indigo rope-dyeing and Japanese denim shuttle looms
located in Kojima (Okayama Prefecture)

The second one shows the Kanekichi Industries, which is one of the few remaining "tsuri-ami-ki" or loopwheel knitting machine factories still around. They are still producing fabrics on vintage machines, some of which are 80 years old.

Kanekichi Industries Wakayama loopwheel tubular machines

This is a fantastic video about a Japanese family workshop showing step-by-step how they produce their fabrics: from the natural indigo hand dyeing process to the weaving using an old handloom.

The art of Natural Indigo hand dyeing

And finally, here is a video in which other retailers and we appear visiting some mills and workshops in Kojima during last year. It was filmed for an Okayama Local Government project.

Trip to Kojima, the Japan´s denim mecca

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