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How your Denim Fades

How your Denim Fades

denim fades

Over time, many of you have expressed interest in witnessing the evolution of jeans and denim jackets. In response, we're thrilled to introduce this new section dedicated to showcasing the aging process of denim.

We're incredibly honored to invite you to be a part of this exciting venture! Whether you've treasured your selvedge denim pieces from Redcast for years or recently added them to your collection, we'd love to feature your denim journey right here.

If you're keen to share your fades —whether it's the denim itself or you wearing them–, simply send us your photos via email at or DM us on Instagram at @redcastheritage

Along with the photos, we'd love to hear about your experiences with your jeans or denim jackets—how long you've worn them, the adventures they've been on, and any washes they've undergone.

Each month, we'll select different denim pieces and feature them alongside stories from our wonderful customers—like you—who have experienced their own denim journey with us.

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