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Inside MOMOTARO Jeans

Inside MOMOTARO Jeans

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On our last trip to Japan in June 2023 we again visited Kojima (Okayama), and of course we could not miss a visit to our friends at MOMOTARO Jeans, one of the leading brands in Japanese denim –available at Redcast– and one of the few that can cover the entire production process internally, from weaving to sewing.

But this time we didn’t just visit their incredible shop; we also entered the hallowed halls where magic is born. We toured the denim mill, where they keep the shuttle looms that produce their own denim fabrics, and visited the sewing workshop. Would you like to come along on this adventure? Keep reading then!

The history of Kojima’s textile production goes back hundreds of years, and in the late 1960s they produced the first Japanese jeans.

Kojima Jeans Street

Momotaro Jeans was founded in Kojima, Okayama, by the company Japan Blue in 2006. Their catchphrase, "Made by hand without compromise", reflects their devotion to employing traditional techniques and premium-quality materials in the making of their products. 

Japan Blue

A hallmark of Momotaro denim is the use of Zimbabwe cotton, known for its durability, high quality and unique wear characteristics as well as its capacity to retain indigo dye. Moreover, the distinctive “blue” of their jeans is the result of years of research and study by a former craftsman in dyeing with indigo.

For much of its jeans production, Japan Blue and Momotaro utilise selvedge denim produced on their own vintage shuttle looms at their Kojima denim mill. The use of these antique looms produces unique textures and qualities that are impossible to achieve with modern machines.

Toyoda shuttle loom denim fabric momotaro jeans

The denim mill we visited is a not very large space with a small group of machines working incessantly. The sound inside is deafening but unique. It was a great opportunity for us to visit this space and be shown around by the Momotaro and Japan Blue folks. A very limited production of denim fabric is manufactured here each day.


We then went to the Momotaro Jeans sewing workshop located on Jeans Street in Kojima. Here we were able to watch the painstaking work of the seamstresses, making the exact cut for each piece to then assemble each complete jean, with the buttons, rivets and other details of each piece, using “Union Special” vintage sewing machines.

Momotaro Jeans workshop

Momotaro and Japan Blue are involved in all of the jeans manufacturing processes, from selecting the cotton to spinning, dyeing, sewing and finishing, allowing them to control the entire process in their quest for the best products.

They also undertake to contribute to improving the working conditions of the people who collaborate in their production.

Momotaro Jeans workshop Japan

Momotaro Jeans has been available at Redcast for a year now, and we recently added Japan Blue to our list of brands whose values we share. Take a look at their products.


"Made by Hand Without Compromise"




Thank you for taking us inside Momotaro Jeans. Your blog provides fascinating insights into craftsmanship and heritage, offering denim enthusiasts a deeper appreciation for the brand’s dedication to quality.

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