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Redcast x ONI "Kerama Blue" denim collab

Redcast x ONI "Kerama Blue" Denim – Limited Edition

denim collab

Almost three years have passed since our last collaboration with ONI, and for this occasion we wanted to create something that was really different and ground-breaking, something never seen before on the Japanese denim scene.

This LIMITED EDITION comprises 158 pairs of selvedge Jeans in a new cut designed by us and 50 Type III Jackets.

For this new collaboration we have worked hand in hand with Oishi-san for two years, including a visit to Ibara, Japan, to directly collaborate with Oishi-san and the Kuroki Mills team and convey our ideas to them. After many hours of production, numerous samples, multiple fabric rolls inspections and wash trials, we are proud to present the limited “Kerama Blue” capsule to be released this June 28th.

Redcast x ONI "Kerama Blue" denim collab

  • The Story behind this Collaboration:  

  • This capsule collection features jeans and a jacket, designed to evoke the essence of sun, beach, and the blue sea. We were looking for a denim colour that would reflect all this and at the same time would stand out in a cupboard full of other denim items.

    This team effort represents a fusion between Spain and Japan, celebrating the beautiful blue waters of both countries.

    Blue water

    We wanted to capture the essence of summer and transfer it to our garments, so we looked for a blue tone that would evoke the crystal-clear waters of Spain’s Mediterranean sea and the ocean of the Japan's Okinawa islands in a unique "Kerama Blue" denim. This special hue, renowned in Japan, was challenging to replicate.

    We worked closely with Oishi and Kuroki, experimenting with vintage jeans and modern techniques to achieve the perfect shade. The blue of our fabric had to transmit a haven of peace and calm, gloriously becalmed waters, what the Japanese call "Heion" (平穏).

    After numerous trials, we finally achieved the desired blue, constant and serene, reflecting the calm waters we envisioned.

    This is how our limited capsule was born. We were not looking for amazing fades or complex textures but for an ode to the good weather, sunshine and happiness that these colours evoke. Each piece is a tribute to the beautiful blue of the waters we enjoy in Spain and Japan when the good weather arrives, and we’re proud that we can share it with you.

  • The Fabric: 

  • We wanted something versatile, perfect for more than just summer. So we created a 15oz selvedge denim fabric woven at very low tension to provide greater comfort, lightness and breathability while retaining sufficient weight to ensure durability and allow it to be used during the colder months.

    Redcast x ONI "Kerama Blue" denim fabric

    The intense biowash treatment with a slight touch of bleach which we applied to each garment further softens the fabric, so the feeling of lightness is even greater. Despite its 15oz weight, the result feels more like 13 oz when worn, offering you a perfect blend of comfort.

  • The Cut: 


    In our previous collaboration with ONI we chose the iconic 622, but this time we were looking to innovate with a new design. We created the new 240 cut, that represents a perfect balance between a relaxed tapered cut and a straight cut.

    Redcast x ONI "Kerama Blue" denim collab jeans

    With a medium-high rise and slight minimal narrowing from the knee downwards, it fits comfortably and looks great with sneakers and boots. The leg twist that occurs due to the intense biowash, adds a vintage touch, making these jeans truly unique.


    For our jacket we wanted to offer a contemporary design. Although we are big admirers of the iconic Type I and Type II replicas, on this occasion we were trying to give it a fresh and different touch. We found in the ONI Type III the perfect choice. This cut is not only the perfect fit with our choice of fabric colour and texture; it also reflects the modern, up-to-date touch we wanted for our collaboration.

    Redcast x ONI "Kerama Blue" denim collab jacket

    The contemporary design and versatile style make it a perfect match adding a touch of sophistication.

  • The Artwork: 

  • For this collaboration we designed a very special pocket flasher and leather patch, perfectly reflecting the Japanese Kerama Blue concept.

    Redcast x ONI "Kerama Blue" denim collab patch

    The artwork for both the pocket flasher and leather patch is by the talented Canadian illustrator Jon Kutt. From the beginning, we envisioned a design that embodied the Japanese "Kerama Blue" concept. Jon created the pocket flasher and the leather patch design, each capturing the essence of our collaboration. 

  • A special Gift: 

  • We began to ponder: how can we express our gratitude to our customers for their unwavering support? We arrived to the idea of creating an extra-thick premium tote bag made from Kinari Hanpu cotton canvas, manufactured in Okayama. The tote bag, designed by Jon Kutt, combines functionality and style in an indispensable accessory for a day at the beach, ensuring it stands out with its bold design.

    Redcast x ONI "Kerama Blue" denim collab tote bag

    The Redcast x ONI “KERAMA BLUE” 15oz Limited Edition will only be for sale on our website, and will be available from Friday 28 June 2024 until stock lasts (limited to 158 Jeans and 50 Jackets). We numbered each one of the units in this limited series.

    The countdown has started!


    Limited to 158 selvedge Jeans and 50 Type III Jackets



    Arif Jivan

    These look amazing. Redcast collabs are so thoughtful.


    That leg twist, though! Wow! Having felt the material, all I can say is that it is something out of this world. Photos can’t capture the softness. Well done Oni/Kuroki/RedcastHeritage. Well done.

    John Steppling

    i will be ready


    Hello everyone, and thank you very much for your feedback ☺️ Here are the answers to your questions.

    The jacket will be available in sizes 38 to 46, and the jeans will be available in sizes 29 to 40. In the coming days, we will publish the products with their size charts and prices for you to check out.

    On the other hand, producing this fabric has been challenging, resulting in very limited production. The bio wash process has been even more difficult due to the small size of the washing workshop. For these reasons, unfortunately, we cannot carry as many units as we would like… 🙏

    Winfield Miller

    Any idea if the jeans will be made in a size 40? Oni 1 wash run a bit smaller than labeled, would like to be safe on sizing. Thanks!

    Taurin Mosby

    Can we get a price on the jacket and jeans????


    only 158 pairs ?!!! that’s not enough .. should have made more so peeps don’t have to fight over them and get all bummed out when they don’t get

    William Sacher

    Super exciting!! Looking forward to next Friday


    I am so eager to wait for their release. Keep us updated, please …!


    what is the smallest size for the jacket?


    What a great chance to get a pair of this amazing bright colour! 😊


    Very nice, thanks for the write up! Not much of a type iii fan but this might be an exception if sizing looks good


    Oh we’re glad you like the collab! Thank you so much ☺️ The size chart will be available in the next few days!

    Davis Thuy

    Is there a size chart we can see for these two? Looking forward to them!


    ONI ONI ONI! This collection is absolutely BEAUTFILU! Wow! I need it all?! Genuinely blown away by this guys, awesome work. And those leather tags…!

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