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Muller & Bros.

Muller & Bros. is the union between Stephane Muller and Makoto Kawai, two enthusiasts of quality heritage wear and military clothing who have travelled around the world for many years in their search for unique pieces. Kawai-San has worked for major names in denim such as Studio D’Artisan and oversees production, while Stephane occupies the role of creative director and brings a touch of French elegance to the collections.

Created in 2016 and with their small atelier located in the mountains of Okayama, Muller & Bros. has become a choice brand since the launch of their first collection thanks to that inspiration in American and French workwear, a feature of each one of their garments, and to an incredible obsession with quality, construction and detailing.

In their collections we can of course find jeans made from unsanforized fabrics of the very highest quality, but also shirts, waistcoats, accessories and some of the most spectacular jackets we have seen in years, with good use made of wool, small details in horsehide leather, brass buttons, vintage zippers, etc.

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Muller & Bros.

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