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ONI Denim

ONI, the renowned Japanese brand, takes its name from "ONI" (Devil), reflecting its distinctive "secret denim" with slubby textures. Masao Oishi, a key figure in Japanese denim, gained prominence at Levi's Japan and played a role in the first Japanese jeans brand, Canton Jeans, in the '60s.

Oishi-San's extensive experience shaped his expertise in fits, fabrics, shuttle looms, and indigo. Establishing ONI, he captured global denim enthusiasts with its captivating slubby textures, irregular weave, gentle tension, and impeccable finishes. Oishi-San's mastery created the ONI legend, known for crafting such unique fabrics. We proudly join the select few global retailers offering the exceptional craftsmanship of Oni Denim. It is a source of pride for us to be one of the few retailers of Oni Denim worldwide.