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Tender Co.

Tender is a small label created in Stroud, United Kingdom, by William Kroll and greatly inspired by classic British workwear and the garments used by the railway workers during the second industrial revolution; in fact, the word “Tender” comes from the special wagons that transported water and coal for the steam locomotives and were robustly forged from solid iron.

Wiliam Kroll has an important past in the textile industry, having worked for major brands such as Evisu. He is strongly influenced by natural dye techniques (even travelling to Japan to train in this ancestral craft) and by the use of the best raw materials such as the wool from Scotland-bred Ryeland sheep, Japanese unsanforized denim or British leather. Tender’s distinction is embodied in their slogan, “Perfection of imperfection”.

In Great Britain Wiliam has a highly qualified staff with whom he carries out his work, leaving each product in the hands of a specialized artisan. In Tender we thus find from woollen garments to shirts or jeans to leather accessories, ceramic mugs and even key rings made from the best solid brass.

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