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Sugar Cane 1943 Super "Denim" Collectibles #08 13.5oz Blue Denim Blouse

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Introducing the Sugar Cane Super "Denim" Collectibles, a meticulous homage to the iconic denim manufactured during WWII. Crafted under the watchful eye of denim specialist Yuichi Fukutomi and vintage aficionado Shigeteru Wakitani, this capsule collection breathes life into the revered "war models" of yesteryears. Drawing inspiration from rare deadstock and coveted vintage pieces, each garment embodies the soul of its predecessor, featuring rugged fabric, utilitarian details such as donut buttons and iron rivets and sewing mistakes reminiscent of wartime production in 1943.

Sugar Cane 1943 Super "Denim" Collectibles #08 13.5oz Blue Denim Blouse

Despite being a Japanese jacket, we find the sizing of this Type I to be more Western than Japanese. If you usually wear a size M in American jackets, you'll find a suitable fit with this jacket in size 40 (M). However, as always, we recommend consulting our size chart for the perfect fit. It is unsanforized but one washed, so there will be no shrinkage.

SIZE 38 (S) 40 (M) 42 (L) 46 (XXL) 48 (XXXL)
Chest 0 113 115 126 132
Shoulders 0 49 52.5 56 57.5
Waist 0 54 57 61.5 64
Opening 0 52 53.5 58 61
Lenght 0 62 62.5 63 63.5
Sleeve 0 60.7 60.7 61 61

To make sure that you choose the right size, we recommend that you take a tape measure to size a favourite garment from your wardrobe and compare its measurements to the sizing chart of the garment you are about to acquire(How we measure our clothes).

Pascual wears a size 38 (S) jacket. He is 185cm (6ft 1") tall and weighs 65 kg (143 Lbs). He usually wears a size 38 or 40 in Japanese brands (depending on the brand), as well as a size S in all American brands.

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Only 1 unit left