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Premium t-shirts

Guide to 5 Different Types of Premium T-shirts


Although for many of us the summer is now over (at least as far as holidays go), there are still warm days ahead and soon we will be between seasons, so we’re sure that we will continue to make use of this quintessential garment that is basic in anyone’s wardrobe: T-shirts! In fact, you are probably wearing one right now.

Which is why we thought it would be a good idea to write this post to share a few ideas with you, depending on whether you’re looking for heavier tees to wear under your flannel shirts or sweaters this autumn, indigo tees to start your next fading project or simply a basic quality tee that will survive washes in good condition.

This guide is an overview of 5 different types of T-shirts that are indispensable for us:



While summer is the traditional T-shirt season, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use them throughout the seasons. But if you’re going to wear a tee in colder weather, you’ll need one designed for that purpose.

In this regard, the Samurai Japanese Cotton T-Shirts are perfect.


In their Henley and Crew versions, for us they are the most incredible tee on the market. They are made with the super-limited Japanese Cotton by Samurai, giving them the most mind-blowing texture you’ve ever seen in a T-shirt. Despite their thickness they are breathable, so you can also wear them in the hot months.

samurai jeans japanese cotton slub tshirt henley natural fit



We are total fans of loopwheeled T-shirts. What selvedge denim is for jeans, loopwheel fabric is for tees and sweatshirts.

One of the benefits of these tees woven on loopwheel machines is that they give the fabric an unparalleled density and softness as well as comfort, since they have no lateral seams.


Only a couple of factories in the world continue to produce loopwheeled fabrics, one of them being in Wakayama prefecture (Japan). Brands such as The Strike Gold, The Rite Stuff, Studio d'artisan, Samurai or The Flat Head are committed to this production method, thus offering garments of the very highest quality that are very difficult to find nowadays. Furthermore, their T-shirts are heavyweight and feature premium construction details such as a triple seam in the neck to keep them from stretching out of shape.



What you don’t want in summer is a thick tee that stifles you, so a low-GSM fabric will be the best choice to stay fresh and prevent excess perspiration.

In addition to the GSM, it is also important for the fabric to be lightweight and breathable, so natural materials such as cotton will always be a great choice.

UES and Loop & Weft make, in our opinion, some of the best mid-lightweight T-shirts. They are made from premium cotton (in the case of UES, they use Suvin Gold, one of the world’s best cottons) and are woven on vintage looms. They are ideal for wearing on their own in warm climates or as a lightweight base under a flannel during the colder months.


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If what you’re looking for is a T-shirt that fades well, with an appearance that gradually changes over time, here are some proposals.

First, Tanuki heavyweight tees, both in their Shinkai Indigo version and in black Gyoten. These are some of the T-shirts most often sold in our shop ever since they were launched by the Japanese brand. Take a look at the following images and you’ll see why.

Image via Tanuki

Image via @6foot7fitmatters

Second, and no less amazing, we must mention the indigo T-shirts by Pure Blue Japan in all their variants. From the iconic dark indigo - whose fading is simply incredible - to the lighter versions launched this year by the brand.


Customer Reviews


Pure Quality

This is a wonderful t-shirt! Fabric, construction, colour and guarantee to fade.. Fast delivery as always!

Written by Jan R. on 28/03/22


Best indigo treasure for indigo lovers

Amazing tee, superb quality and indigo colors nuances. The true living colors. Super soft.

Written by Thomas J. on 04/10/21


All of them midweight and with extreme quality, they are wear- and wash-proof for years!

Pure Blue Japan Indigo Dyed T-shirt after 6 years and many washes


When we talk about basic T-shirts, not only white tees come to mind but also black, navy or grey ones. You can go very far with a simple, plain tee and a pair of indigo jeans. Just like with jeans, searching for a perfect basic T-shirt can be discouraging, so we’ve done the hard work for you and selected the essential versions in which it is unquestionably worth investing, all of them with an excellent quality-price ratio.

At Redcast you can find some of the best basic T-shirts, heavyweight and lightweight, all of them perfect as underwear or as a standard T-shirt.

Most importantly, if you are after your perfect T-shirt, we recommend that you choose a high-quality one. You’ll enjoy it for many seasons because they will perfectly withstand the passage of time and repeated laundering.


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