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The Spellbound brand was founded in Kojima, in Japan’s Okayama Prefecture, the place of residence of a large number of Japanese denim craftsmen. They have been making garments since 1981 under the slogan of “manufactured with the highest standards and craftsmanship”.

Riding on the value of making each garment better than the previous one, Spellbound has been keeping Japanese high textile craftsmanship alive for years thanks to its artisans, who pass on the baton from one generation to the next.

With impeccable attention to materials, seams, highly qualified Japanese workmanship, Spellbound is constantly looking to the present and future to make timeless pieces inspired in the day to day, in military clothing and in workwear.

Spellbound is owned by Domingo, one of the major Japanese denim groups. Their denim is renowned for its premium quality, details and washes; but equally renowned are the rest of their garments and specifically their chinos, our favourites, made from high-density cotton selvedge fabric that is painstakingly woven on the antique Kojima shuttle looms.

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