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Studio D'Artisan SP-101 45th Anniversary "Hinode"Leather Long Wallet

Sale price €390,00

Crafted to honor Studio D'artisan's 45th Anniversary, this special edition leather wallet features 1.5 thick leather from Himeji, Japan, renowned for its quality and durability. Dyed with natural plant-based dye "Akane," it boasts a luxurious and distinctively rich hue, delving into Japan's centuries-old tradition of madder red dyeing. All zipper hardware, crafted from premium brass by Universal, ensures both longevity and style. With multiple compartments for cards, bills, and coins, it offers ample space for daily essentials, while its Himeji leather origins signify a legacy of craftsmanship dating back over 2,000 years, with remarkable prosperity during the Edo era.

Quantity Only 3 units left
Only 3 units left