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UES Ramayana Crew-Neck Pocket T-Shirt Navy


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If hand-feel is your number one criteria, then the UES Ramayana is your runaway winner. It is the softest tee that money can buy.

The cotton used is 100% Suvin Gold cotton, one of the best and most expensive and luxury kinds of cotton in the world. This cotton is grown in India and is extreme long-staple cotton with very fine fibres. It's extremely difficult to cultivate. It needs new seeds to be created each year, which is costly and time-consuming.

Suvin Gold is a hybrid of an Egyptian cotton "Sujata" and a Sea Island Cotton derivative from the West Indies known as "St. Vincent." It has the fineness of 2.8 micros and is the thinnest compared to any other super long cotton. Therefore, the texture is notably soft, strongly insisting on the characteristics of the material as a product. It contains natural wax, oils, and fats; it has silky lustre, drape, and smooth texture. You can enjoy the soft feel of raw cotton, and it does not easily cause a change in texture even after repeated washing.

Because it has an exceptional fineness and a lot of wax, it has an elegant lustre, and it has a luxurious feeling which is not unique in addition to its texture.

Only 1.500 to 2.000 tables are produced per year while being cotton with a silky lustre and cashmere-like feel; it will be the finest cotton with scarce value.

In this t-shirt, Suvin Gold cotton is arranged as a thick thread, and this is called Ramayana. Generally, thin high-grade materials such as Suvin are often made into yarns of fine counts, but to make thick indium fabrics like UES, they spun boldly on thick threads. The fibre length and the thickness of the fibre have the property not to be defeated to the finest sea-island cotton. Therefore, when wearing this Ramayana material, you will be amazed by the smoothness of the touch.

*Ramayana t-shirts run small. We recommend going one size up from your usual size.

UES is a small Japanese label founded by Chuji Matsumoto in 1994. UES comes from the English word "Waste", which means that Matsumoto-San wants you to make full use of each garment for as long as possible before discarding it. It is a small judgement of the concept of disposable wear that is so commonplace today in the world of fashion and from which Matsumoto-San disassociates himself completely.

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  • 100% Suvin Gold cotton
  • Plain knit t-shirt
  • Slim fit
  • One pocket
  • Using smaller fibre diameters
  • Ultra-soft
  • Made in Japan
  • Also available in other colours


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