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UES Extra Heavy Flannel Shirt Green



UES Extra Heavy Flannel Shirt Green


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Due to its 15.5-oz fabric, the UES extra-heavy flannel shirt is one of the thickest and most amazing flannel shirts in the world. Using the dobby loom, UES irregularly changed the length and location of the warp and weft to create an expression that differs from the usual twill. This creates the almost pear-skin-like texture on the surface of the material and is therefore called crepe weave material or Amundsen weave. The 15.5-oz fabric has been woven using an old-fashioned weaving machine named Schoenherr. This machine does not excessively pull the thread and so produces the soft texture.

Louis Ferdinand Schönherr (1817-1911), together with his brother Wilhelm, is regarded as the inventor of the mechanical cloth-weaving loom in Saxony and thus founded the Saxon cloth and woolen goods industry.

In this shirt, selvedge was lavishly used on the all-end back of the right-front body. With the study of balance for the threading of the warp and weft, the fabric moves moderately and although it is thick, it is completed with a pleasant-fitting feel.

The balance between the warp and weft thread is good, and the moderate movement of the fabric improves comfort. The entire shirt is full of superior-quality details and uses an outstanding, highly skilled sewing process. The main body seams have been rolled and triple-chain-stitched, thus producing a strong garment that can be cherished for a long time. A piping process was used to obtain a strong rolled hem wich requires practiced techniques. Durability was improved by literally changing the fabric together witch chainstitching. After all, work shirts have to be strong.

The buttons are made from ivory palm nut with a beautiful gradient tone. Ivory palms are medium-sized-to-tall palms reaching up to a height of 20 m, with pinnate leaves. The "nut" is covered with pericarp, which is removed by animals, They help counter both the destruction of the rain forest and the elephants. For many years the buttons on uniforms worn by U.S. soldiers came from ivory palm nuts. Like so many natural dyes and textile fibers, vegetable ivory has been replaced with less expensive synthetics.

The cut is a modern slim fit.

By using the direct dyeing of coloured threads, the colours will fade moderately and you can enjoy the soft ageing from continuous wearing and washing.

UES flannel shirts are a reinterpretation of the American casual style, and while made from a heavyweight fabric that you can feel from one touch, the slightly raised inner fabric feels soft like it´s wrapping up your body when worn. The colours of the directly dyed yarn natually fade, so you can sense the ageing, just like with denim.

From spinning, dyeing to knitted fabric, in cutting and sewing all of this is made in Japan.


  • 100% cotton 15.5-oz heavy selvedge flannel. The fabric is sanforized so expect almost no shrinkage.
  • One of the thickest and warmest flannel shirts in the world
  • Extra-warm
  • Crepe texture, extra-soft interior
  • Green colour
  • Slim fit
  • The fabric has been woven using an old-fashioned Schoenherr weaving machine
  • Highly skilled sewing
  • Triple chain-stitched main body seams
  • Ivory Palm Nut buttons with a beautiful gradient tone
  • Rolled hem
  • Made in Japan

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